Surface Operations

Surface Sampling and Analysis

Our efforts at our Uşak mining site commenced as of July 2018. Until December 2019, our surface research continued intensively with sampling and analysis. During our efforts, industrial raw materials, energy raw materials, and metallic mineral findings were obtained from the surface analyses and then the next stage, geophysical studies, was started. The obtained samples, analysis results, and images are presented in the attached file.


The geological structure of the site was examined by consulting experts in their field, and our research on possible mineral (Au, Cu, Ag, Pb, Zn, etc.) deposits were concentrated in these regions by using various techniques. Further research was carried out in some of the regions discovered after the initial findings and satisfactory results were achieved. However, there are many areas that could not be considered due to the large size of the area, and our research is still ongoing. Click to see REMOTE SENSING Images

Geophysical Operations

Geophysics – IP/Resistivity (IP/R)(Scanning underground by using electrical signals)

3.a.Magnetic Research

As a result of the data obtained from two licensed sites between November 2019 – January 2020, the next stage, magnetic measurements, was started with internationally competent, highly knowledgeable, and experienced Zeta Mühendislik and Mr. Tuğrul Toksöz. Except for a small portion of the licensed site that could not be completed due to winter conditions, diamond-shaped magnetic measurements were completed at 100-meter intervals in the northwest-southeast direction for the entire area. Measurement results and presentations are available in the attached file. As a result of magnetic measurements, 4 lines for IP/R studies were determined and the next stage was initiated.

3.b. IP/Resistivity (IP/R) Etude

IP/R was also conducted by Zeta Mühendislik and Mr. Toksöz. The measurements, which initially started with 4 profiles for the determined area, later reached a total of 12 profiles (34,650 meters) with intensified signals. With the IP/R carried out with 12 profiles in the Uşak mining area, chargeability and resistivity data were collected between the surface and approximately 300 meters underground. Chargeability and resistivity slices, floor maps, chargeability anomaly maps, and chargeability and resistivity model blocks were produced using the data obtained as a result of IP/R performed on the modified pole-dipole electrode array at measurement points determined at 50 meters intervals on each profile. In the mine site, there were strong and moderate charging anomalies, determined by the IP/R performed in the modified pole-dipole array. Here, 5 exploration drilling points were determined to detect resistivity discontinuities and/or some of the strong chargeability anomalies around the low resistivity zone. Documents and images related to IP/Resistivity (IP/R) findings are attached. As a result of the IP/R research, a 53.000.000 m3 anomaly cut by 10 lines laid in parallel at 200 meters intervals were detected and drilling points were determined on these lines. These lines are B-600, B-800, C-1000, C-1200, D-1800, respectively. Further research for the recharges on the A and B lines has been postponed for later investigation.

Drilling Operations

A total of 988 meters of drilling, with depths varying between 182 and 221 meters, was carried out at 5 different points, and the obtained core samples were sent to the accredited ALS Labarasyon Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti. for analysis. The pairs of all cores and samples that have been taken previously, sent for analysis, and tested, are safely stored within our company.

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